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Earthmoving Insurance- Loader loading timberEarthmoving insurance has quickly developed over the last couple of decades.  With the increase in technology and efficiency of machines, laser leveling, GPS and other avenues to quickly transport large machinery, earthmoving has become an even more important industry supplying the necessary needs of construction, infrastructure and farming.
Earthmoving insurance has had to keep up with changes to the liability policies addressing such issues as vibration and subsidence risks, specialised electronic equipment attached to and free standing of your machinery and the need for effective cover on your heavy machinery to ensure that you are able to continue operating and minimise down time for your business and continue servicing your clients.

Earthmoving Insurance Excavator

The changes to registration requirements and local by-laws has impacted not only on how you do business but also what insurance coverage you need to have in place to ensure that you have adequate protection should an injury or damage to property occur.

Where does cover on Bobcats, posi-tracks, generators, mobile concrete pumping units and more fit in?
The scope of specialised machinery and attachments also means that the earthmoving insurance needs to be able to adequately cover the ‘extras’ involved with running your machinery irrespective of where they are locate. Also to ensure that if you leave the equipment on site overnight that they are correctly covered for malicious damage, vandalism and also flood if left in a low water level environment
or building site.

Earthmoving insurance loader loading truckRisk management discussions revolve around the type of work you do, where is your work located, operator experience, claims history and how you amended your procedures to limit re-occurrence, security, cage and ROPS protection for unattended machines and much more.  Ensuring you attend to the necessary risk management exposures allows us to get the best terms and conditions, competitive premiums and allow claims to be hassle free and free of any surprises.


Nothing can replace professional expertise advice from an experienced Specialist Insurance Broker.

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