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Don’t we all love a day out doing the things that we enjoyed so much as children. Watching our kids and grandchildren light up with

enjoying the food, drink, fun and sheer enjoyment of the carnival atmosphere.  Obtaining Amusement Insurance is necessary for the protection of not only the people attending but also for protecting the business owner and ensuring that if something goes wrong then they have a strong policy which will respond correctly.

Some of the Amusement Insurance Risks we can assist with insurance include:

  • Amusement/Arcade GamesAmusement Insurance Childrens Ride sign
  • Board Games
  • Amusement Insurance Sunshine CoastChildren’s Play Centres
  • Dunking Machines
  • Fly Walls
  • Fun Food
  • Giant Games
  • Inflatable Rides/Slides
  • Mini-Golf. Pedal Cars
  • Small Electric Cars (not dodgem)
  • Sumo Suits
  • Sack Slides
  • Super Slides and many more

Other Recreational and Tourism risks we can assist with include: Aquariums, Arcade Centres, Amusement Centres, Animal Nursery, Bed & Breakfasts, Bingo Centres, Caravan Parks, Camps, Cinemas, Conference & Function Centres, Corporate Days & Functions, Four Wheel Drive Tours, Historical Attractions, Sightseeing Tours, Sports Tours etc.Amusement Ride Insurance Broker

We have access to placement of sporting events including community events, fun runs, marathons, multi sport events including participation risk.  Other businesses that specialise in sporting tours and hire are also able to be quoted on.

Understanding the scope of the cover arranged and how it responds to participation and other insurance risks is our role as a broker to ensure you have the correct coverage in place.


We have access to a number of insurers and underwriting agencies where we are able to obtain quotations on most risks.
So if amusement and rides are your business then talk to us to ensure you have the correct cover in place.

Nothing can replace professional expertise advice from an experienced Specialist Insurance Broker.

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