Insurance Brokers Help Businesses Obtain Protection from Cyber Attacks

As a small business owner, you may think that your enterprise is at minimal risk of a cyber-attack. After all, what could a cyber-criminal possibly get from your business? They’re better off targeting multimillion companies, right? Wrong.

Cyber Threat

Cyber security is never exclusive to major companies. Small businesses like yours, despite common belief, are actually prone to cyber-attacks. Without the massive security budgets of large corporations, small businesses are easy prey for cyber criminals looking to make a quick dollar. When attacked, a business can easily lose thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. California-based cyber security expert John Maddison offers one simple explanation: Criminals don’t really care where the money comes from, as long as it’s there and they can take it.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a debilitating cyber-attack on your business, or at least minimise its impact in the event you do experience a breach.

Secure All Connected/Related Hardware

You need to put proper security measures in place. After all, you can never tell when a physical break-in might occur and result in the loss of electronic equipment. For the criminal-minded who aren’t easily fazed by conventional alarms and other security measures, literally locking electronic hardware down can make their heist a lot tougher to complete. Rack-mounting hardware and keeping server rooms under lock and key should suffice for a first step.

Upgrade Cyber Security Infrastructure

Newer and far more sophisticated cyber threats have rendered basic firewall protection largely obsolete, though a fair number of small businesses still rely on the old ways. By upgrading firewalls to a “next-gen” version, as well as implementing unified threat management appliances specifically aimed to combat a wide range of digital attacks, small businesses can aptly protect themselves from a breach.

Acquire Cyber-Attack Insurance

Demand for cyber-attack insurance has grown steadily over the years, mainly due to the prevalence of large-scale data breaches in recent history. This type of insurance, however, is offered only by a small number of providers, and coverage widely varies. At any rate, procuring a cyber-attack policy is a no-brainer at this day and age. Insurance brokers that serve businesses on the Sunshine Coast, such as Insuring theProduct, can help you obtain the protection you need.

Criminal elements increasingly stalk the digital world in search of their next victim. Protect yourself and your business by working with the right people (Sunshine Coast insurance brokers included), so you can sleep soundly.

This information is not intended to be advice and you should not rely on it as a substitute for any form of advice. You should always consider the PDS / Policy wording before making a decision.

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