Small Businesses Need to Get Reliable Insurance in the Sunshine Coast

Businesses today have come a long way from how they operated back during simpler times. Many shops and stores now use network-connected cash registers and point of sale (POS) systems to immediately and efficiently account for the goods and services that their customers have purchased. A report, however, showed that there are times when automated POS systems are not as efficient as they are designed to be:

Woolworths Stores

SOME lucky shoppers at Woolworths, the nation’s largest retailer, have received free groceries after a computer glitch caused a major meltdown at registers.

The glitch occurred this afternoon in self-serve lanes where customers were attempting to pay for items worth less than $10, a Woolworths spokesman has confirmed.

The glitch affected stores in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania only.

“We understand fewer than 20 stores stopped trading (but did not close their dors), and even then just for a few minutes while they got confirmation from IT what was happening,” they said.

“Woolworths apologises for any inconvenience to our customers.”

Woolworths was unable to reveal how many shoppers had taken advantage of the free-for-all.

One Canberra shopper Peter Taylor received groceries worth $104.70 for free.

One can only speculate as to the source of the abnormality–whether it was caused by glitches in the programming or as a result of human error, one may never know. However, it should be noted that problems like this can bring damaging consequences to small-scale businesses as they do not have the same resources that big companies like Woolworths have to immediately order a fix for such systems. Sales losses in the form of unbilled products can have a significant negative impact on a company’s bottom line, which might affect plans for growth and expansion.

In light of this fiasco and other similarly damaging incidents, small businesses need to consider getting reliable business insurance in the Sunshine Coast that would offer protection from the negative effects of such events. Having comprehensive insurance coverage for small businesses can give entrepreneurs the peace of mind that they can claim funds which can be used to make up for losses and implement any needed repairs. Moreover, such policies can help business owners effectively manage risks from customer liabilities, theft, litigation, and personal injury.

Business owners can easily get information regarding the types of coverage available for their operations from a qualified small business insurance broker, such as one affiliated with Insuring theProduct. An experienced broker can give owners an overview of the different kinds of insurance policies and will even guide them on how they can get the most out of these kinds of financial protection.

(Source: Woolworths stores experienced computer problems at their registers across Australia,, July 17, 2014)

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