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Looking for a professional Insurance Broker who will take the time to evaluate your business, risk management exposures and develop an Insurance Program to suit your business? At Insuring theProduct we guide you through the process by learning about you and your business whilst aligning your risk exposure to suitable Insurance Exposures.

So, complete the following form and allow one of our Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers to support you through the Insurance Maze and work with your Business to protect your Cash-flow, Litigation exposure and business assets.

At Insuring theProduct our main focus is on ensuring all of our clients receive:

  • 1:1 Onsite visits
  • Education of clients on risk management and application of Insurance in those strategies
  • Solutions for protecting your business cash-flow enabling you to stay in business
  • Insurance solutions for protecting your business against litigation across Public, HR, Government and Cyber exposures
  • An insurance program designed to effectively protect your business assets.
  • This is supported by personalised service and regular, relevant communication

We only collect the information necessary to enable us to start a discussion on what insurance program you currently have in place and how one of our Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers can assist you in ensuring you have the correct risk management program in place for your Business.

To enable us to provide the best service, the more initial information we gather the better and this is usually initiated on the telephone and followed up by an on-site visit to learn about yourself and your business. This then enables us to source correct quotations from the insurers and return shortly with the policy terms and conditions being offered by the market.

We work with you to decide the best scope of cover and sums insured required in a logical format to ensure that you understand the exposure, the insurance solutions available and how they fit in with your business. I trust that this explains the process of using an Insurance Broker and look forward to developing a long term mutual relationship.