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Our Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers have been in the industry since 1986 helping business owners protect their assets, cash-flow and litigation exposure. Our Insurance Brokers have access to a broad range of experience and skills within the PSC Connect network across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and U.K.  Our Brokers all have significant business ownership and management experience to compliment the ASIC guidelines required to provide specific Insurance advice for Business owners and operators.

The PSC Connect arrangement allows our brokers to focus on providing quality and effective general insurance advice to business owners whilst PSC Connect takes care of the back-of-house arrangements such as compliance, professional development, ICT infrastructure etc.

This connection also ensures that we have the resources of an International brokerage with access to specialists in each insurance area to support our consultations.

High Value Asset Specialists

Our Brokers have a support team for property risks exceeding $10 Million where specialists in this area are bought in to assist in preparation of the Insurance program.

Liability Specialists

Our Brokers have access to nearly all liability markets within Australia and have arrangements with placing cover within U.K.  Due to these facilities our Brokers are able to provide terms for placement of nearly all liability exposures.

Hard to Place SpecialistsInsurance Broker Specialists

If you are willing to work with us, we very rarely are unable to obtain terms on hard to place risks or exposures. Sometimes you need the cover as part of a contract obligation or maybe your existing Broker has been unable to secure you insurance terms.  In this scenario we are willing to work with you to obtain terms for Hard to Place risks in conjunction with risk surveyors and other professionals.

What is General Insurance?

  • In its simplest form General Insurance is transferring business risks to an Insurance Company in return for reimbursement of claimable events.
  • This is by way of paying a premium (money) to the Insurer who then pays for legitimate claims as they arise.
  • Insurance falls mainly into 3 areas
    1. Cash-flow or Business Income Interruption
    2. Litigation protection
    3. Asset protection
  • We act as an Authorised Representative (AR) of a large International broker group (PSC Connect) who holds the AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence) under which we operate.
  • We are governed by our AFSL, broker group, ASIC and industry codes of practice.
  • We operate our own business and PSC Connect provide our compliance, technology infrastructure and professional development.
  • We deal with nearly all registered Insurance companies and arrange insurance programs on your behalf.

Nothing can replace professional expertise advice from an experienced Specialist Insurance Broker.

To arrange an introduction with our specialists, please either call 07 5313 7871 or complete the form below.

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