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At Insuring theProduct, our Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers have access to a broad range of experience and skills within the PSC Connect network across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and U.K. Our Brokers all have significant business ownership and management experience to compliment the ASIC guidelines required to provide specific Insurance advice for Business owners and operators.

Insurance Broker – John Burkhardt

Sunshine Coast Insurance Broker John BurkhardtJohn Burkhardt has been a part of the insurance/business industry since 1986 in various roles across insurers, brokerages, and coaching establishments. During this time as an Insurance Broker and Coach, John has been exposed to and written various occupations across Australia and quickly earned a reputation for being able to accurately represent complex risks, and obtain coverage for Hard to Place Insurances.

John’s career has seen him establish client relationships across Qld, NSW, Victoria, and WA. John’s qualifications include Financial Services, Insurance Broking, Management, Administration, Business Coaching, and Training & Assessment. These skills, along with the knowledge and expertise gained whilst business coaching, has further enhanced his ability to communicate with business owners in representing the information required for not only the Insurance program but he is able to advise on other business operations to minimise risk exposure and maximise controlled business growth.

John’s focus is on SME Businesses and is passionate about protecting you and your business from cash-flow interruption, litigation and protecting your assets in a competitive and efficient Risk Management Program.

As well as handling hard to place and complex insurance risks, John’s Insurance Broker knowledge and experience places him well to develop effective insurance programs for Medical and Health Professionals. These include Malpractice liability, Office and Clinic risks, Cash-flow interruption and many more business insurance exposures whilst being able to competitively place your associated domestic and motor insurance with quality high value insurers.

Insuring theProduct services an area encompassing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the corridor to Toowoomba, and the Darling Downs on a regular basis. Other areas are facilitated firstly by phone and email and then arranged on a trip basis where necessary.

As one of the leading Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers, John has access to Australian and overseas markets to ensure that your Insurance Program is comprehensive, competitive and regularly reviewed to ensure it responds quickly and accurately to claims.

Experience the convenience of having specialist insurance brokers that can act on your behalf with only your best interests in mind. We will take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and work hard to discover options that will suit your needs. You can focus on the more important aspects of your business while we make sure that your insurance programs are effective and up-to-date.

With our access to both international and national insurers and underwriting agencies, we can present recommendations that are competitive and comprehensive. Managing your insurance portfolio doesn’t need to be a daunting task when you can get support from experienced insurance brokers.

 Nothing can replace professional expertise advice from an experienced Specialist Insurance Broker.

To arrange an introduction with our specialists, please either call 07 5313 7871 or complete the form below. We serve Buddina and Buderim in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, QLD.

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