Unique and Hard to Place Business Insurance Specialist

We deliver on-site personalised visits to your Business to understand and create your Insurance Program to suit your individual needs.

Claims Assistance Need a Broker who Understands Claims? What if your day out Took a turn for the worst? Or Your Business Went up in Flames? Would Your Business Recover? At Insuring theProduct we Offer - 1:1 Onsite visits so we understand your Business - Specifically structured Insurance Programs - Custom designed Loss of Profits Insurance - We Assist You with the Claims Process Contact us Today Medical Centre Do You Own or Manage
A Medical Centre?
What if Your Specialised
Equipment is damaged?
What if someone stole
Your Patient records?
Haven’t got time to make sure
Your Insurance coverage is correct?
At Insuring theProduct we offer: - 1:1 On-site Visits so we understand your Business - Access to Medical Insurance Specialists - Custom designed Insurance Packages - We assist You with the Claims Process Contact us Today Contact us Today
Cybercrime Insurance
Do you understand Your
Exposure to Cyber Crime?
Do you store client details and rely on the Internet?
Are you aware that Privacy Act breaches for client information
is up to $1,700,000 under legislation since 12/03/2014?
In 2013 more than 50% of Australian businesses experienced
a cyber security breach in 2013
Identity theft including medical records report selling
on the black market for over $70 per identity
Did you know you can obtain
Cybercrime Insurance which can:
- Cover you for your losses
including data damage or extortion
- Cover you for losses and
fines incurred by data being released
At Insuring
we offer...
1:1 On-site Visits so we understand your Business Access to Cyber Insurance, IT & Network Specialists Custom designed Insurance Packages We assist You with the Claims Process Contact us Today

Medical & Hard to Place Business Insurance Specialists


Construction Insurance is key to protecting the property development, liability exposure and ensuring cash-flow movement


Engineering Insurance is a key part to keeping your business operating. We provide comprehensive quality insurance packages


Farm Insurance is an area we are passionate about. We provide quality Insurance packages and real life advice

Information Technology

Modern business runs on IT and the Internet - Ensure you business is protected correctly with Information Technology Insurance


Manufacturing Insurance covers a broad range of occupations including manufacture of raw items, components and much more

Professional Services

Professional offices provide a unique array of Insurance Risks - Cover them correctly in a Professional Services Insurance Package


Retail Insurance packages covering all occupations whether in shopping centres, strip malls or stand alone risks


Sports Insurance is an integral part of any sport club, association, sports centre, leisure and sporting events


Tradesman insurance packages to suit your business whether one man or a team we have comprehensive packages


As Tourism operators you have an unique exposure to both internal and external risks - Specialist Tourism Insurance program.


Vet Practice Insurance provides a specialist insurance package for Veterinary businesses in all disciplines and areas


Earthmoving Insurance specialist covering your Machinery, plant, liability, property with broad coverage

Medical & Health

Medical Specialists require a range of business and personal insurance to cover their cash flow, assets and protection from litigation.


Marine Insurance covers a range of fishing and recreational watercraft, jetskis, Cargo and Transit Insurance


Amusement Insurance covering liability, property and other risks specifically for the Amusement Industry

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Dependable Insurance Brokers on the Sunshine Coast

  • Are you having a hard time deciding which insurance policy would best fit your business?
  • Does your business have certain unique requirements that need to be considered when selecting an insurance coverage?

At Insuring theProduct, we help individuals and businesses identify the risks and decide on what needs to be insured. As experienced insurance brokers in the Sunshine Coast, we offer high-quality advice in the interest of our clients and steadfastly work on their behalf.

Contact us if you need a small business insurance broker or a management liability insurance specialist that you can trust.

Dedicated Assistance from an Insurance Broker

Why should you get the services of an insurance broker?

Those who are new to the business scene can benefit from the experience and expertise of one of our Sunshine Coast insurance brokers. Armed with an in-depth understanding of various industries and access to a range of insurance policies, an insurance broker can give you invaluable advice.

You can have the best options assembled by a professional that definitely knows the pros and cons of a policy.

In Australia alone, there are a large number of policies to choose from. Insurance brokers will be vital in narrowing down the search to the most suitable options. You will have an easier time picking out the coverage you need and from which provider.

Insurance policies can seem so complicated for the uninitiated. An insurance broker can explain the details of a policy and will work with you to determine the level of coverage needed. By being able to make an informed decision, you can have the peace of mind that your business is properly protected.

You can also have access to policies that are not available to most consumers with the help of insurance brokers. Aside from providing coverage advice, an insurance broker can leverage their thorough policy knowledge to successfully negotiate premiums and terms with more value on your behalf.

Business Interruption

Covers the loss of gross profit or revenue and additional costs involved with the claim.

Business Interruption Reviews

Specialist Cash-flow Insurance Reviews for Small Business

Business Package Insurance

For a wide range of occupations allowing the combination of common policy sections all within the one insurance policy.

Claims Management

Claims management process - we assist you in understanding and submitting your claim, insurer followup and payment

Cybercrime Liability

In Australia, cybercrime has a narrow statutory meaning as used in the Cybercrime Act. This may include ransom or...


Farm Insurance is an area we are passionate about. We provide quality Insurance packages and real life advice

Insurance Broking

Insurance Broking is a great way to leverage your time in dealing with your General Insurance Program.

Management Liability

Management Liability Insurance provides protection for the company Directors, officers and managers for potential liability issues

Premium Funding

Premium Funding across all Insurance products enabling Cash-flow planning and tax deductions

Public and Products Liability

Public and Products Liability policies differ in the type and amount of coverage given.

Risk Management

Risk Management Consulting is the key business function to effective and efficient Business Insurance Programs

Why Insuring theProduct?

[icon_box title=”On-Site Visits” icon=”icon-plus-circle”]We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your business. We visit your business site and learn about you and your business, its exposures and how to manage your Insurance Program with you[/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Claims Support” icon=”icon-plus-circle”]Thinking outside the box, we encourage our participation when it comes to Claims time! We know your Insurance program and how it will respond, assist you with submitting and monitoring claims.[/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Latest Technology” icon=”icon-plus-circle”]We utilise the latest in Industry and Insurance technology often able to quote complex risks within a matter of minutes or give an indicative rate on other risks to structure your Insurance Program.[/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Experienced Advisers” icon=”icon-plus-circle”]Our Senior Broker has over 28 years in Insurance placement, business and business coaching. Not only that our support Group and underwriters have decades of combined experience & skills[/icon_box]
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Protect Your Business with the Right Insurance

Insuring theProduct can help ensure that your insurance portfolio is complete. With access to international and national insurers and underwriting agencies, we can create a risk management and insurance program that is both competitive and comprehensive. You can be sure that the coverage you have in place is reviewed regularly so that it can respond to claims in a timely and accurate manner.

With more than 30 years as insurance brokers in Buddina and Buderim in the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Brisbane, QLD, we can provide superior services for all kinds of businesses – small or large. We specialise in professional indemnity insurance, business interruption insurance, and cybercrime insurance. Call us today at 61-7-53137871 to learn more.