How Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers Help Keep Your Business Safe

Safety has always been prioritised by the Queensland government, and the Sunshine Coast residents and businesses alike are enjoying the advantages of this pursuit.

Queensland’s Safe Night Out Strategy and Safe Night Precincts, for instance, which are managed by local boards, have been beneficial, especially to bars in Maroochydore and Mooloolaba that are entertaining more patrons later in the evening. Neighbourhood watches are also being done in the suburbs and the busy beaches to prevent crimes and disruptions, particularly theft and anti-social behaviour.

New safety brings folk out at night

Although the area is enjoying safer streets, Sunshine Coast insurance brokers still advise businesses to invest on their protection against crimes like theft, malicious damage and other factors that may interrupt their business. This is especially important for bars, 24-hour restaurants, and other establishments that operate in extended or all hours.

When you have prolonged or odd operating hours, you’re more at risk of getting burglarised, and you might not be able to oversee all activities if you don’t monitor your business during those times. To help keep your business safe, get a fidelity/crime cover. A crime insurance can cover you against robberies, theft by fictitious employees, fraud, and other schemes included in your provisions.

Other Protections for your Business

Typically, small businesses only invest on insurance for their physical assets. In the event of a disaster – say, a fire or an earthquake – where their commercial establishment and inventory get ruined, their policy could pay for the damages. However, the income they would’ve earned during the weeks or months that they have to close down, the salary they would have given their employees, and other expenses they would have incurred may not be covered by that policy.

This is where business interruption insurance comes in. On top of your general coverage, it will be your fall-back for those overhead costs during calamities or tragedies that prevent you from doing business and making profits. Your benefits will be based on the assessments by the insurer.

Crime prevention through government initiatives and protection for your properties are well and good, but you can add another layer of protection to your assets through insurance. You may consult an experienced insurance broker in the Sunshine Coast, such as Insuring theProduct, to find the coverage that suit your specific business requirements.

(Source: New safety brings folk out at night, Sunshine Coast Daily)

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